I developed my method of direct concrete construction for sculpture. The advantages of this medium are many; the results are immediate, permanent, and durable for exterior or interior use. The form can be modified and refined throughout the construction, and it is economical and ecologically sound. I have expanded this technique of hand built concrete to create art furniture.

A steel armature is formed by bending and welding 3/8 inch reinforcement bars. Hardware cloth and poultry wire are wrapped around the armature and attached with wire. The first of many layers of concrete is then applied to the armature. A very dry mixture of sifted sand and cement is pressed into the structure by hand. As successive layers are built up, I am able to assess the aesthetics of the piece and modify it as necessary.

The surface of my furniture resembles faux marble. For the last layers, I use a "slip" of silica flour and cement, bushed on and sanded between applications. Color is achieved through the use of dyes and/or acrylics applied during the final coats. A latex sealer is applied to protect the finish and also serves to waterproof the piece so that it may function in either an exterior or interior setting.

My new book Creating Concrete Art Furniture with 270 illustrated steps is now available at your local bookstore and Schiffer Books, To obtain a signed copy you may order directly from me. To see a few of the steps you can look at artworks that I have created in the Works in Progress section.

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