My challenge is to educate and empower communities and artists to assimilate my designs and discoveries. I seek opportunities at nonprofit institutions as a forum in this endeavor.


Artworks created in concrete are practical, permanent, ecological and economical. The basic theory and application of concrete are known and understood throughout the world; therefore, it can be employed as an artistic medium by creative people almost anywhere. Concrete is known for its durability and resistance to the elements. The main ingredients, sand and water, are abundant and any unused mortar can be recycled into the next work. Finally the raw ingredients are affordable and the equipment and tools necessary are few and simple.

Concrete is my material of choice because its sculptural qualities allow both additive and subtractive processes. The Direct Technique that I employ permits expressive and harmonious forms to be shaped by the palm of my hand.

I challenge the perception of concrete as mundane. I challenge artists to use this metamorphic compound for a direct expression of fine art.


I make art to communicate. I specialize in art furniture because it functions visually, conceptually and physically.

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