The Furniture Society's call to its member to create an upholstered object for their juried exhibition, "The Right Stuff", challenged me to make this work. I was in the process of finishing Blue Hope and I wanted to build on the surface techniques I had developed, that of rubber over a scrim covered cushion. The piece would juxtapose materials and ideas; soft wool versus hard steel, functionality of the top versus non-functionality of the padded underside. I began making the stool on September 9, 2001. Two days later the world changed. As I came to terms with my own feelings I expressed myself through this work; grinding and crafting the claw like legs; cutting and pulling a half mile of the thick yarn to make the soft nest-like seat. In the end I named it Catoptric Request as form of closure. Catoptric meaning, relating to reflected light. In my own way I am requesting that the light of all knowledge reflect on our world and myself.

September 9, 2001

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