Concordia Bench, Design

I was a volunteer worker at Maho Bay Camps for the month of July in 2010. I was assigned to the Art Department to make concrete countertops for bathrooms that were being built for four new suites that were under construction at Concordia; the upscale resort on the other side of Saint John, Virgin Islands. After casting the sink countertops I had time to design and make a bench in the same method, using recycled glass as the aggregate to cast slabs of concrete in 1 ½ inch molds. The bench was made with a central slab support that is notched so that three "legs", also notched, could interlock and support a top slab to sit on. The drawing below was made after completion and was left so that more benches could be made in the same design.

Graphite Drawing
5.5" x 8.5"
July 28, 2010

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